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The Flow


Life is an experience. With Mrs. Jones everything is about the ‘experience’ and we like to give you the ultimate experience, The Flow.


To escape all daily stress, to lose all sense of place and time, entering a whole different world. One where only you and one of the beautiful Jones’ Ladies are present. You’ll hear the music, smell the lovely sweet scented candles. Slowly your muscles begin to relax, while you enjoy a warm massage. Your whole body is covered in oil, it smells and feels amazing. Two warm hands that slide over your skin, the touch takes you to The Flow.


The Flow is the highest reachable level of experience. When you lose yourself in a Flow, you lose all sense of place and time. You’re completely relaxed and present in the moment. For a moment it’s all about you. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t need to achieve goals, there is no pressure, you just need to receive. You can let go of all stress. There is only attention for you. Genuine, loving attention; two hands that caress you tenderly.

Our ladies are well trained to give every customer their own unique experience. They are trained to take you with them into a world where your dreams become reality. Once back on earth, you have the feeling that you can concur anything.


A Flow Experience is truly unique, wherefore time is needed. It’s a booking during which you make a real connection, and in which the Jones Lady will earn your trust and be able to take you to a new world.

You will experience the unique and realise that it’s sometimes  good to give yourself something exclusive. Something only for you.


Do you only want the very best? Experience the unique with Mrs. Jones. 

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