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(Tantra) Threesome FMM 

Reward your lust by going for a passionate date with two Tantric men. These men are truly special, and exclusively just for you. These handsome gentlemen will be the pillars of your sexual temple, shielding and safegaurding you. To them you are the queen, and they are the stallions pulling your hedonistic carriage through the night. A night where you truly blossom your femininity, with passion, tenderness, and fireworks! 

Passionate and Protected

A threesome with two men is something many girls want to scratch off their bucketlist.  It has always been a milestone, or dream many women have, but the path to get to do it has not always been easy. Our men are here to help. They are well-experienced, enduring, and empathetic. They are trained to channel their masculinity in way that respects your desires. They are also passionate lovers that are not lead astray by their own selfish needs when it comes to sex. Instead, with the gigolos of Mrs. Jones you can be assured that the men are solely focused on you, and your pleasure is their command. With us, you can really enjoy a sexy moment with a natural flow throughout the evening.

Masculine presence

The tantra gigolos from Mrs. Jones are very adept in picking up cues on things you need. They follow your ryhtm and pace, so that you truly are comfortable. With them you can truly relax yourself and live in the moment. Had enough of your busy day? Such as caring for people, organizing things, and always being on constant alert? With the gigolos you can really let yourself go, and they are always there to support you. For many women this experience is often more than just sexual, but a moment where you can gather yourself again or heal. All your desires and all your emotions are welcome here by Mrs. Jones. With us, you can truly be who you really are.

From tranquility to ecstasy 

As it usually goes, the evening tension slowly rises. The men can give you a guided explanation about Tantra and your threesome commences with a Tantra Massage. Who can say no to a hot massage by two stallions? This way, you can really losen those tense feelings and emotions without doing much. You begin to feel your body soften as four robust hands move over your body in soothing motions. As you begin to relax, your body does not become numb, but instead, your mind has become so refreshed you will notice heightened sensations. This sensitivity can be such an amazing accession to what will come hereafter... 

The magic of tantra  

These men know better than anyone else about playing with polarity and the power of attraction between man and a woman. They are good at using their masculine energy and their intuition to take you on a journey where so much can happen.  Physically and mentally, these guys can take you for a ride like no other vehicle can do. 

Feel your body and your lust rise to another dimension. Tantric sex is limitless, mesmerizing, long and intense. It is a magical experience where you float for hours into a state of euphoria and a rush of ecstasy throughout the body.


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