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Craving for something more? Something more immersive, intense and truly gratifying? Tantra has the ability to open doors to a completely new perception of sexuality. For many people and especially for couples, tantra is known to be a life-changer.

Mrs. Jones: the only tantra escort service in the Netherlands

As one of the biggest escort services in the Netherlands, we believe that sexuality is something truly special and it is our utmost pleasure to provide people with positive intimate experiences.  We have done this for years with great success, and our journey continues to move forward. We continue to learn and expand into new sensual territories, and we love to share that great experience with our clients. Tantra is one of these exceptional experiences we have proudly taken under our wing and claimed as one of our specialities.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is way of life and takes a path about conciousness and fulfillment in our lives. In practicing tantra, you engage in a deeper understanding of your inner self and of the life energy you have within yourself that can be released. Many people therefore experience a deep sense of bliss and completeness through tantra. As a spiritual path, tantra is not as vague as it seems. It is about everything that concerns us. It is about a life of openness and acknowledgement of everything within ourselves; our desires, our restrictions, and our emotions. Everything can be included in this spiritual path, including sexuality.

Tantric Sex

Having tantric sex is always a whole new journey each and everytime. It is an adventure where anything can happen. In the moment you experience intimacy, intensity, and energy that travels in and out of your body as you endure hours long of sexual freedom. You completely surrender yourself to your natural, primeval sexuality. You become more attuned to your own instincts, for in the world of tantric sex there is no right or wrong. By engaging deeply with someone else in a truly instinctual dance, you become more engaged to yourself too, to your inner core. And by breaking through to your most inner core, many mental barriers are also broken down as well. That is why for many people, Tantra has been an effective a healing process in their lives. Interested to look for a deeper meaning in life? We would love to tell you more.

Experienced Tantra Escorts

Our Jones family are not only comprised of high class escorts, our family has welcomed an every-growing number of wonderful tantric men and women. Our high application rates speaks for itself about how popular tantra is becoming. Of course, we must adhere to a strict selection process in order to maintain good quality. With our careful selection procedure, we can guarantee to our clients that they will receive high quality experiences by well-adept tantra experts.  

Our escorts and gigolos have years of experience and have participated in several workshops in Tantra. Many have completed courses in Tantra and have adopted it as a way of life and a passion that they want to share with you as well. Many of our escorts and gigolos have diversified in competences to become also a tantra masseur/masseuse or tantric bodyworker. Our tantra team are by nature empathetic, intuitive, and attentive.  Always do they know how to acclimatize themselves and create the right ambiance for you to feel safe and to experiment, and ultimately of course... be gratified.

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