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Making love during the menstruation? This a common question at Mrs. Jones.

Even though many couples don’t have a problem with this, there are also a lot of people that don’t even want to think about it. Unhygienic is the main argument for this.

Unfortunately getting their period is always in an inappropriate moment. It’s just your luck and it happens to be when you’ve planned an exciting night with your partner such as going to a swinger club, or going to the sauna.

But is there a solution to this problem? Mrs. Jones gives advise: there are so called “ sponges” on the market, known of the brand “BEPPY”. A Beppy is a sponge without a string attached that is inserted deep into the vagina. The sponge will close of the uterus in an hygienic way. There are two types available: The wet and the dry sponge. Because the vagina is more sensitive in this period of the month, Mrs. Jones advises you to use the wet sponge. Even though this is a bit more expensive, it is more comfortable to place. A bit of lubricant can help with this as well.  After inserting, just a quick rinse with a vaginal shower and you’re ready for an exciting night.

The special sponge can be kept in for up to 8 hours. Enough time for the much-needed intimacy.

The most asked question is “do you feel, or does your partner, feel the sponge?” The answer Mrs. Jones gives is: No. The sponge is placed deep enough so that during the lovemaking or the penetration you, or your partner, won’t feel a thing. This product is ideal and we recommend it to everybody.

This product should be tested first before using it with your partner. As tip to remove the sponge it is easier to wet the sponge with the vaginal shower, so that it expands. This way it’s easier to remove.

Mrs. Jones wishes you an exciting adventure.

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