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Who chooses to be represented by Mrs. Jones Experience chooses to join the most exclusive high-class escort bureau of the Netherlands. Our clients consist of: executives of large multinationals, Dutch celebrities, managers, expats and business owners, and much more. All of these clients have a high expectation, and we strive to live up to this expectation.

Our clients are looking for beautiful young (between 21 and 35 years old), intelligent, and well-educated women (or those who are currently busy with their studies).

The Jones Academy
To be able to work for Mrs. Jones Experience it's not obligatory to have experience. Mrs. Jones experience has their very own Jones Academy where you'll get a professional training. Our training consists of the following: visagie, styling, etiquette, (erotic) massages and (non) verbal communication. You'll learn how to give your date the ultimate form of experience: The Flow.

Billy Paul sings in his very famous 1972 song ‘ Me& Mrs. Jones' "We have to be extra careful". Discretion is one of the core values of our company; not only towards our clients, but also towards the ladies who we represent. All your information will be treated confidential. Nobody will ever know what your part-time job is.

Mrs. Jones Experience is a professional bureau that treats her ladies on a professional level. Mrs. Jones is in the possession of a license and works in a safe and legal way. All our clients and locations will be screened for the safety of our ladies. Next to that Mrs. Jones will also do your tax payments. Everything will be taken care of for you.

Who lets her be represented by Mrs. Jones doesn't need to be available 24/7. You can communicate your availability to our office and we'll try to plan you in for a date on the communicated days. Therefore you're able to work flexible hours, ideal to fit into your student life, or next to your current job if you're looking for an exciting part-time job!

Are you looking for the ultimate part-time job in the high escort world? Are you the Mrs. Jones where Billy Paul and later Micheal Buble sing about? If so send us an email with your contact information and 3 recent pictures of yourself in evening dress and casual clothing to info@mrsjonesexperience.nl

Your personal information will be treated as confidential information a. After your application we'll contact you for a non-committal conversation woman to woman, from which we can decide to welcome you as a ‘member of the Family'

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Mrs Jones Experience +316 333 894 00 info@mrsjones.nl K.v.K. 62071475 Vergunning  C.0220881.2017
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If you have questions of any kind, or you want to make a reservation just call or app us!   +316 333 894 00

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