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High Class Escort Experience, The Try Out


For everyone who’s curious to the world of high class escort, Mrs. Jones introduces ‘The Try Out’. It’s already in the name: the Try Out is a sneak peek of the escort world.


The Try Out is a date which  keywords are: relaxation and experience. You will have an unique erotic experience without the physical sexual contact. During a Try Out date is a date both the Jones Lady as the man can have a taste of an exciting and sensual evening. For some this will be the first time experiencing the High Class Escort world. Who know what will come from this….


Dinner date

A try out date starts with a dinner date. The night will start with a relaxed dinner; a moment where you can meet each other, get into a good conversation and share a nice glass of wine. Because you take the time to get to know each other, the ambiance feels relaxed. The perfect foundation to go on to the next step!




You have a busy life, the more reason why you think of a date with one of our Jones Ladies as a treat. Relaxation with good company. Enjoying yourself is the most important of the whole date. After the dinner date you retreat back to your hotel room where the Jones Lady will ask you to go to the bathroom. The Jones Lady will give you a wonderful face- and head massage. If you want she can also give you a professional shave.


Tantra Massage

After the facial, you are almost completely relaxed. Ready for the last step to total relaxation and an unique experience, The Flow! The Jones Lady will give you a tantra massage. With tantra it’s important to experience the here and now. The Jones lady will, by applying a special tantra massage, teach you what you can experience by touch without the physical sexual contact. You’ll notice that after this massage the world will look a lot brighter.


A Try Out Date costs € 225.00 per hour with the minimum of 3 hours. During this date sexual contact with the Jones Lady is not possible. 

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