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Below you can find the prices and rates of our services. The rates are the same for our High Class, Tantra and Gigolo Escorts. Since the experience as a whole is the key to our services, we do not support hasty encounters or quickies. Therefore, our minimum booking starts at two hours and onwards.

Discounts and Extra Hours

If you decide to reserve someone for longer periods of time, we do provide special discount rates. These rates however are fixed. Bargaining is not allowed.

Our High Escorts and Gigolos are not timekeepers and so would never stop their service just because the time is up. So please be aware that your compensation relates to the amount of hours you use. We therefore kindly ask you to respect these hourly rates and keep track of the time yourself.

Travel Costs

To arrive at your destination, our employees depart from their own place of residence. For longer traveling distances, we will ask you contribute for their travel costs. This figure will be computed differently for every individual depending on where they are.

Special Requests

For any special requests we prefer that you always inform us beforehand. We would do the best we can to inform and meet your demands. For couples, there is an extra amount that is contributed to the total expenditure.

Payment Methods

Cash - Pin - Creditcard - Bank Transfer


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