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Tantric sex

You are not here by utter coincidence... I’m sure you are probably looking for something to spicen up your life. Perhaps a little bit of fuel to the fire, or a little bit of magic to your normal life? Tantric sex is a journey of self-discovery for those who want life-changing experiences. This is for those who seek to fully unravel their sexual desires and want explore it with an experienced and passionate tantric lover. Why don’t you share you lust with us?

The mystery of contradictions

Tantric sex can be soft and sensual. Tickling and teasing at your senses, while at the same time burning an intense full flame. The most intriguing thing about tantric sex is that you never know what is about to happen. The only thing you can be certain of is the energetic and transcendent journey that is about to begin. A journey to an unknown destination, where time and place are trivial. Through tantra you can truly let yourself go and feel the sexual energy flow in and out of your body. Experience immense gratification through deep relaxation and with intense sensations.

Freedom by giving in

The Tantric Lovers from Mrs. Jones are very competent and eager to show you (as well as your partner) new erotic skills that you can learn and experience. The most important ingredient to having a full-bodied tantra experience is not only the technique, but the submission itself to the new idea. You will witness with our Tantra Lovers how easily this can be done. Our tantra ladies from Mrs. Jones are very self-aware of their powerful capabilities and are also sexually unconstrained. They can use their feminine elements to approach your core, and make you embrace your masculinity in a whole new way.

The Tantra Men from Mrs. Jones are also well-built by their masculine power. These men are willing to passionately take initiative so that you can completely give in to the current of their tantra energy. By acting on your own impulses, you can better learn to trust your instincts. 

The Current of Sexual Energy

In tantric sex, it plays upon more than just the physical state, but the mental and spiritual states are equally as important. Don't be stunned when you begin to sink deeper into your consciousness. Sometimes, emotions that are buried deep within yourself will begin to emerge, like bits of fossils or pottery that the archeologist slowly uncovers one stroke at a time. It can be very therapeutic when these fossilized pieces are revealed, and when the pieces are assembled together to close the chapter of the book. This is nothing new to our Tantra Lovers, who have experienced moments like this numerous times. All they want is for you to be yourself, and then let yourself go in order to experiment new things in life. Perhaps you want to be that naughty boy for a change, that innocent girl, or that horny person that only wants that one thing...  Or maybe you want to try some power play and experiment with BDSM. The more you are true to yourself and your desires, the more you allow an energy current to flow through. And the more you allow this current to happen, the more you become in contact with your authentic, playful and liberated self. Experience it and take that chance.

Alternative Orgasm

A huge difference between escort dates and Tantric dates is that with the latter does not aim towards a peak orgasm. We are glad to tell you more about why in Tantric sex this is not the case.


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