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(Tantra) Trio MFF

The dream of almost every man: a threesome with two gorgeous women. Or maybe one with two gorgeous tantric women? ...

All just for you

Start off with some drinks in the lobby of the hotel. The girls arrive and they are totally your type. From head to toe they are drop-dead gorgeous. It is time to bring out some bubbly! The atmosphere is great, it's definitely heating up and you three decide to take it up to the hotel room. The Jones ladies let the bathtub run as they sensually undress themselves, one layer at a time, gracefully helping each other out in those hard to get places. After the bath ritual they give you all the time in the world for a wonderful massage, a tantra massage, or a nice combination of the two. The service is amazingly relaxing, and you reassure yourself that this is exactly what you needed all along.

Heading for seventh heaven

In the meantime, the girls flirt with you and with each other. A great chance to enjoy a bisexual spectacle, before all the attention is put onto you later. This is your evening, your trio, and your call for anything to happen. Maybe you want them to take the reins tonight, or maybe you'd instead take full control of them and play out a fantasy you always had. Either way you choose, these girls are always happy to give you what you need.

Experience a tantric threesome

Want to experience something more special? For the ultimate experience you can book a threesome with two tantra ladies from Mrs. Jones. These girls know better than anyone else about playing with polarity and the power of attraction between man and a woman. They are good at using their feminine energy and their intuition to take you on a journey where so much can happen. Physically and mentally, they can take you on a ride like no other vehicle can do.

Feel your body and your lust rise to another dimension. Tantric sex is limitless, mesmerizing, long and intense. It is a magical experience where you float for hours into a state of euphoria, a rush of ecstasy throughout the body.


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