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Tantra Date

Do you ever have that feeling like you wanted something more? What about an unforgettable date? Perhaps a deeper experience with more intense feelings and a little bit magic? With our attractive and competent tantric lovers you are guaranteed something special and memorable.

You and your tantric lover

What about a tantra date and sex with a stunning woman, or how about an admirably sexy man? You will know it once you’ve seen him/her. The force is much stronger than just a platonic meeting. Not only is this person charming, stylish and attractive, they are also very open-minded. With him/her, you can become beautifully lost in deep conversations. They pull you back to earth again, pointing to the bath that is now full and the bubbles that are pouring over the edges. He or she then retrieves you from your cleanse and takes you to the sanctuary, where you receive an ecstatic tantra massage. This was just what you needed to take your mind off all everything, and you can just enjoy the moment with him/her. Blissfully lost in a magical experience.

Tantra date for men

Beautiful lingerie is not the only thing that can make a man's heart beat rapidly. Your stunning Tantra Ladies from Mrs.Jones has a feminine quality that radiates beyond anything else. She is someone who is fully emancipated in her own body, and she enjoys to make you relaxed and fully satisfied. She knows what she wants, and she will let you know by whispering in your ear her requests. She can also physically guide you on how she likes to be touched. She’s not demanding, she will surrender everything to you. Unless you want her to take you by the reins that is possible too. She will gradually shift her position of power over you, subtly and gracefully. You will begin to lose track of time and place, and that becomes the least of your concerns. What you do know is that you have entered a dance of perpetual energy, where the differences separating the two of you have melted away as you become merged into one. One with each other, and one with the world. That is the magic of tantra. You are caressed into a natural "high" that you will still feel for days thereafter.

Tantra date for women

Want to completely succumbing yourself to a strong, loving, and passionate man? One who puts all his focus on only you? Our Tantra gigolos from Mrs. Jones are amazingly competent, powerful, but also sensitive. They're sensitivity does not limit them to going full force and having fun with you. They know how to channel their masculine energy to all your feminine desires, in just the right ways that make you tingle with excitement. By respecting your needs, they know how to control their intrinsic desires and be completely servant to yours. A man who would stare deeply into your eyes as he slowly caresses with his fingertips over the outlines of your beautiful body. Wouldn't that make any woman shiver with excitement? He pushes all those buttons in just the right places, not too hard and not too soft either. He's playful, he's austere, he's a man of mystery but with a heart of gold. He is an adventurous man who might discover a new territory in you that you never even heard of... and makes you glad he's found it.


The magic of Tantra

The tantra lovers from Mrs. Jones know better than most about the power of attraction between a man and a woman. They know how to use their masculine or feminine qualities and intuitively take you on an erotic journey. A journey where so much can happen, both physically and mentally. They will bring you to a land of sexuality that you may have never encountered, but your body has yearned for a long time.

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