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Tantra date for Couples

Are you both looking for something special to spark and give more dimension to the relationship? Invite a Tantra Lady or Gigolo from Mrs. Jones over! Together with your stunning and experienced tantra companion and you embark on a journey where you can learn new skills and ways to take your relationship to a whole other level.


The doorbell rings and there stands a stunning Jones Tantra lady or man at your doorstep. Exciting! How will the night commence? A threesome is definitely in the picture. You also come to realize how well your escort gets along with the two of you. The  curiosities of each other drives you even more towards one each other. A glass of wine is being poured, as you begin to unravel each other's stories. Breaking the ice has never been easier. You can talk about everything; tantra, desires, fantasies... before you know it, the conversation moves from here to the bathroom or the bedroom.

Extreme relaxation and heightened arousal

Your escort brings forth a tempting suggestion, to begin the night with a relaxing tantra massage. How can you say no? As always the lady gets her treatment first, then the man. You begin to feel these warm hands glide soothing oil over your entire body. Not one, but two pairs. Two beknown hands, and two tantric hands. These four hands work their ways in rhythms, making you float through ecstasy. When the tension rises, your escort may move over to more erogenous zones of the body. Both our Tantra lady and gigolo know how to use "sacred sex skills" in bring arousing your entire body.

The magic of tantra...

There is nothing concrete about a tantra date or tantra sex. Magic happens when both of you express your desires, let go of our temptations, and trust your own impulses and intuitions. Your date is fully aware of her own body and she/he is emancipated in her sexuality. He or she takes you step-by-step closer to your masculine or feminine cores, and the room begins to fill with sensual energy. Every touch, and every movement is now under an influence of a "natural high" you are both experiencing through tantra.

Enjoy experimenting together

Are there certain fantasies you want to bring to life? Anything is possible in a tantra setting. In tantra, everyone is invited to whole-heartedly (and mindly) express themselves. There is always room for showing your emotions, your strengths, vulnurabilites and drawbacks. There will be intense arousals, as well as friskiness. The Jones tantra ladies and gigolos are very accustomed to this, they enjoy many things in life and open to almost everything. Because your escort or gigolo is so free-spirited of their sexuality, you will notice how things like shyness or embarrassment quickly melts away. In this moment you can truly be yourself. 


This feeling of emancipation and the release of abundant energy within yourself during a tantra date is not something you can brush off easily. It is a memorable experience which can even be life changing. Be warned that afterwards, others may approach you and say "there's something about you that's different, but I cannot put my finger on what it is..."

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