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Your Fantasy 

Tell us something exciting, crazy, or out of this world that you want to participate in and maybe we can make that happen. Draw out your fantasy, and we will try to turn it into a reality. With us there are no limits to creative imaginations and we have special ladies and gentlemen who are very open-minded and willing to give you that experience of your life. Here we give you the chance to live out your fantasy.

Your adventure 

For most dates, it is always uncertain as to how it will turn out in the end. Sometimes there are surprises, or sometimes things don't go as planned. This is absolutely not the case with this service. Your Fantasy is namely an adventure where you have the role as the director. You are both the writer and the lead actor of your story. Unless ofcourse, it is your fantasy to be surprised. Eitherway, we will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. 

Do you have a complete script in mind? Or do you have certain elements or ideas? We would love to work with you to complete your story. For example:

  1.  What is the fantasy about?
  2. When and where does this fantasy take place?
  3. Who do you see yourself as in this fantasy? 
  4. What happens between you and the other character(s)?
  5. How does the story unfold?
  6. Are there certain props or elements that play an important role?
  7. Are there certain words or phrases that are said in this fantasy? 
  8. Everything Included

Our men and/or women really look foreward to being a part of your fantasy, and they are well prepared for anything there is to come. We can find you an exclusive location that suits best to your fantasy and we can arrange all the neccessary costumes and props. In the run up to this event, we arrange a meeting to discuss everything that needs to be done. This is so that on the day it happens, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is focus on how much you are going to immerse yourself in the fantasy.


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