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Tantra Massage

soft and sensual, yet powerful and hypnotizing. It is the ultimate start to a journey of full-body relaxation and tranquility. Allow the awakening of your senses like never before through a guided sensual meditation. Witness a rebirth of yourself.

Flow of sensations

A Tantra massage from one of the Mrs. Jones ladies or gigolos is an exhilarating start to your date. A drink, then a nice warm bath, and then ultimate tranquility. You only have to lay down and relax, and feel the animated hands glide warm oils over your entire body. Those skillful hands know exactly how to hit the right spots, how to untangle the knots and turn on the right switches. After she finishes your neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet, you are sailing on the tides of a new sensation. You become completely tender to your escort's attractive skills at hand, who knows just the right ways to get your juices flowing. You try your best not to climax, because the feeling of ecstasy you are currently entranced in so amazing you don't ever want it to end. You let everything go, the pressure is released, and the energy is transcendental. 

Remove the barriers and release the energy

A tantric massage can be aimed to solely make you relaxed, but it can also do a lot more than that. Many of our tantra escort ladies and gigolos are well-trained to provide what is called "de-armoring" massages in Tantra. These kinds of massages help loosen certain pressure points or blockages both physically and mentally. For women this can also be called vaginal de-armoring and for men anal de-armoring. The reason for these terms is because often times these areas are known to be sensitive locations for many  and often associated with emotional barriers. This sensitivity is not uncommon. When we become shocked or scared, or feel pain, these areas naturally tense up to reduce our sensitivity to those stimuli. On the contrary, de-armoring tries to enhance our sexual experiences by ameliorating our sensitivities and removing obstructions that are in the way towards reaching a deeper and more intense orgasm.

What are you into?

A tantra massage is a perfect way to begin date. If you want to start of with something exciting then this is the thing for you. You can also ask for just the massage itself if you are looking for something purely relaxing. Let us know what services you seek. Your pleasure is always our business.

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