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Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Have a beautiful companion at your side. Someone to share stories, to become acquainted, and to have a romantic moment with. Someone who will listen, laugh with you, caress and unconditionally love you. It is always a celebration to be hang out with her. And yes, even behind closed doors it can still be that celebration.

Get to know each other 

The girlfriend experience with a high class escort or even with a tantra expert escort from Mrs. Jones can be very exciting. To become acquainted with someone and to have the butterflies in your stomach again like the first time you learned the language of love. Enjoy a bite and a drink with someone you can trust and be affectionate with. As always with Mrs. Jones, we make sure that you are matched with a person that suits your needs as much as possible. Not only do we look at the outward appearance that suits best to your request, but we also take into account her personality, interests and other attributes as well. In this way, we can ensure that your encounter will hold more value, the conversations deeper, and the feelings stronger. 

How would your GFE look like?

You may or may not already have an idea of how a GFE date happens. Perhaps you want to do a stroll through the city, get a whiff of the local culture, go shopping, or take a walk through nature. Or maybe you are attending an event and you need a partner to go along with. Whatever you may have in mind, your escort will love to go with you. She might even escort you all the way into the night.

In the bedroom

People around will notice that there is something flourishing between you two. Whatever it is, taking it a step further is never a problem for us. For we understand that a good moment should not end prematurely. You are always welcome to take your GFE date to another level and to another place. It does not matter to us if you have had an amplitude of intimacy with other women, or if you fall a little short of luck with women. Your date cares for you unconditionally. She will love, cuddle and caress you no matter who you are or what your past may be. She will tease, take initiative and at the same time reveal her vulnerabilities. We are all human right? So let’s do what humans do. You can take a romantic bath together, massage each other, and learn the notes on each others body. There are so many perks of being in love.

Tantra girlfriend experience

For an unforgetable girlfriend experience, you can also choose for a High Class Escort Lady, or for one of our expert escorts in Tantra. These tantra experts are very aware of the strength of their feminine potential and they know how to strengthen the power of attraction between you and her like never before. Intuitively, she will compensate in places where you are deficit. A great chance to experience reciprocity, and to feel how even her massage could bring you more in line to your masculine energy. That is how a harmonious balance develops where you can truly let yourself go. Sometimes soft and sensual, then powerful and energetic, and then a light caress again. That is ebb and flow energy of tantric sex.

And most importantly, true gratification of companionship.



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