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Dinner date

If you do not feel like eating alone, you can always have a dinner date with a classy companion. Get a chance to meet a beautiful women, and talk about anything. Who knows, your date might end up becoming a really good friend in need. A dinner date can also be a great way to get to know your high class escort that you have chosen.

Forget time

Here at Jones we make sure that your dates are satisfying your wishes. Further on in the date, you can unravel the many interests both of you may have, or talk about your hobbies, your values, or what you seek in life. Whatever it may be, our escorts and gigolos are well educated, social and interested to meet new people. They are good listeners, can maintain good conversation of any depths. Whether it is a serious conversation, or a light chit­chat, we always hope you leave with a good experience in the end.

After dinner

Often times during the date, your relationship with your escort might mean something more than just a platonic conversation. Unlike in fairytales, when the clock chimes at midnight your princess does not have to go and only leave you a slipper. Your fairytale can end the way you want it to. You can inform her about your wishes and decisions throughout the night. She will contact Mrs.Jones about your decision. Who knows, this might be your first experience with tantra.

Mrs. Jones organises

The atmosphere of the restaurant is an important factor for a great night. Choosing the right restaurant can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are not a local. Whether you have a restaurant in mind or not, Mrs.Jones will organize the reservation. This is because we want you to have an amazing and uninterrupted night. We also work with many special high class restaurants, whom we trust for good quality services and food. Sometimes, our partner restaurants will throw in a little surprise for only our Mrs.Jones members.


A great atmosphere brings out the best in all of us, and thanks to your good choice of restaurant, your date will be incredibly exquisite. Seize the delightful evening.


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