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Many women want to experience what it is like to be with another women. And the same goes with men who want to experience intimacy with other men. Interested in a bisexual date? Exciting!

Bisexual, lesbian, homosexual, heteroflexible, or bi­curious?

Many of our high class escort men and women are bisexual. Especially our escorts who have an expertise in tantric sex are very open to things and are intimate with both men and women. But of course, we always match a man or a woman that has a suitable characteristic to your wishes. In this way, you can become more comfortable with your escort and can enjoy a pleasant evening with them. If you are interested, please scroll down the page to see which of Jone’s man or woman you can potentially meet as your date.

Liberate yourself with a woman

It often seems that women are more open to bisexual contact than men. Why that is, is unknown to us. But what we do know is that many women really appreciate the compassion from another woman. Women are like goddesses of love, grace and compassion, and are adored by all people of the gender spectrum. Is it because of her luscious hair, the cushions by her tender heart or maybe the touch of her velvet skin? Feed your curiosity and explore with someone who has the same features and attributes as yourself, from head to toe. An exciting way to get to know more about the same sex, and subsequently perhaps, more about yourself.

You might ask yourself, where is the adventure without the gizmo and gadgets? That is something you don’t have to worry about, because our men and women at Jones are always down to play around. Your date will usually begin with a sensual relaxing massage, or maybe even a tantra massage if you booked for a high class escort. From here onwards, the night unveils itself and before you even know it, you are transported to a new and well­removed world of sensuality.

Liberate yourself with a man

Generally speaking, men are less likely to quench their desires for intimacy with other men. It is such a pity to know that there are men out there missing out on all the fun. Luckily, here at Mrs.Jones, we provide a discrete approach for intimate experiences with other men. Our high class tantra gigolo’s have through many a man arranged a fantastic, sexy, and exciting evening. With tantra, it is not about fast­paced indulgences, but rather a slow course of full body massages and building on from there. It is time to allow your mind to sail for uncharted seas, and to live the moment between man to man. Feel the anima of another masculine energy, the vigor of his physique, and the charm of a true gentleman.

Also for bisexual couples

Are you and your partner looking for something to spice up your relationship? Our bisexual escorts and gigolo's from Mrs. Jones are also suitable for booking for couple dates.

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