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Is regular sex with a stunning woman still not enough? Do you want something more? Something like... anal sex? Going down this alley can be a lot of fun, arousing and definitely naughty!

A-Level: An exciting endeavour

Not everyone is up for anal sex, or also known as A-level. It is often thought of as not pure, uncivil, or blatantly not right. Or sometimes we hear that it is ‘dirty’. Yet time and time again people have dreamed and fantasized over anal sex, and that is not strange at all. Anal sex can be quite pleasurable and women can enjoy it as well. We know for certain that the anal area is an erogenous zone. A-level can also be incorporated pretty well into the rest of your play time. An act that is exciting, fun and truly enjoyable.

For who?

We notice here with Mrs. Jones that men as well as women are curious of anal sex. Luckily for us, our High class escort and many of our Tantra ladies and gigolos are into it as well, both giving and receiving. The ladies and gents mentioned under this page are here for:

  • Men who want try anal with another woman
  • Women who want to receive anal by another man


Anal sex is a special experience. Perhaps this is your first time, or perhaps you are caught in a relationship that limits you to try out your fantasies. For any problems, we have the solution. Book now for a date with one of our Jones Tantra Ladies or Escorts below. They enjoy anal sex as much as you can dream of, and they will be happy to guide your through your lust. Are you a man who  wants to try being penetrated? Then we suggest that you book for a strap-on date with a daring and stunning women. If you want to try this with another man, then we suggest you try going for a Bisexual date.

Anal sex for women

Would this be your first time? Or would you prefer this experience with a well-trusted, competent man who knows how to do this well? Our gigolos are experienced, loyal, and attentive to you and your needs. The man you choose will know exactly how you want it. He can read your body language and be in line with your mood. By reading your body language he can set just the right tempo for you. Starting of with a nice relaxing massage, he will caress all your erogenous zones too, including your anal area. You begin to feel a heightened state of arousal as he moves at a graceful pace. He is so smooth, you will habitually accept his movement in you even further.

Tantra and de-armoring

Are you looking for an anal experience that will also be truly memorable? Our tantra ladies and gigolos know exactly how to prepare your body for the ultimate satisfaction. They are trained in what is known as the de-armoring the body, in other words: in removing the barriers and blockades that hinders the ultimate satisfaction. This is done through pressure-point massages. De-armoring not only works anally, but vaginally as well. When the tension is melted away through this massage, you begin to relax and open up even more. Thereby, contributing to an even better anal sex experience. By removing these blockades and barriers, you can allow a free steam of sensual energy to be released. From this you might even experience an anal- or even a full-body orgasm.

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