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No sex drive? Why women have less sex drive and the effects it has on your relationship.

More and more do the escort ladies of Mrs. Jones hear that their clients call the escort bureau, because their wives are sexually neglecting them. How is it that the women has less sexual needs and neglects her husband? Do they underestimate the consequences of the sexual neglect, or do they just think it’s only temporarily that will turn around “when the kids need less attention”? Research proves that less sex drive could be because of stress of either her job, family life or financial stress. After kids the female body changes in hormonal sense, which puts the husband on a second place.

In general men accept this, however when the sexual needs go from 2 to 3 times per week to, first, weeks of no sex, and after this months of no sex, the impacts are enormous. Men get sexually frustrated, especially when she stops taking care of her appearance due to time constraint. The man is completely different in this. A man has more need for sex than the woman, and if he can’t get this at home, there is a chance that he’ll look elsewhere. This isn’t because he wants to lose his family, but this is the hormonal urge. Does this give him an excuse to cheat? Of course not! But as his wife won’t think toward a solution, there is a chance that he’ll seek one without her knowing. The consequences? We can all think of that. The distance between the both will become larger, both emotionally and physically; a relation crisis is just around the corner.

Mrs. Jones has helped many couples to have an ultimate female oriented trio. With a female oriented trio, all the attention is directed toward the woman. In every woman there is a certain attraction to other women, and just say it yourself: what is more sensual than two women making love?

The man is given a second place in this threesome, but just imagine how bad this could be! We’ve never heard any man to have any problems with this. The special thing about these threesomes is that the couples often book again and again after a first experience. The sex life has been given a second life, and the relationship will bloom again.

Would you talk about the possibilities that Mrs. Jones can offer for a women oriented threesome?

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