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Meet the Family

We are glad to set you up for a date with one of our beautiful and competent lady or man for your upcoming fun and sexy time. We have for you our classic High Class Ladies, but as the first escort service in the Netherlands, we also organise dates with skillful Tantra Ladies and Tantra Gigolos. 

Meet the family     Me & Mrs. Jones... We’ve got a thing going on...

Listen to that great number from Billy Paul and you will get an idea of the kind of experience awaiting you here at Mrs. Jones...

The Mrs. Jones team

We are truly proud of the ladies and gentlemen that make up Mrs. Jones. The team behind these beautiful people are strong band of four, two men and two women, who founded this company in 2014. Ever since, we have provided services to men, women and couples. We always ask for the requests and needs of our clients, and we are fully aware of the capabilities of our own members. This is how we always determine the best match for you. Furthermore, we also work with a team of chauffeurs, who are very loyal and always stay discretely in the area.

For everyone

Running a high class escort service isn’t as easy as it sounds. There will always be some judgment and prejudice towards paid services regarding intimacy and sex. And that is the prime reason why we want to propel our services to another level. People will always want intimacy, that is something we cannot eliminate from our society. So it is our job to bring people in contact with experienced, honest and trustworthy people who enjoy being your lover. We are convinced that positive intimate and sexual experiences can be extremely beneficial for those who want to live a meaningful life. We grant you wonderful Experiences!

An experience you’ll always remember

Here at Mrs. Jones we offer you much more than just a nice date or a tantra date. Even more than the ultimate satisfaction in the moment. With our ladies and gentlemen you will have an experience that you can take away with you for the rest of your life. After your encounter with us, you will notice how better you feel in your own skin and the surplus of energy you’ll have in your daily life. You will also be glad that you have learned new and intriguiging skills with us. You will have the chance to experience the sensual current that rushes through your body, to trust your intuition and instincts, and have learned the true meaning of freedom by allowing yourself to truly be free. This new feeling and energy is a gift you take away with you, and can use in all aspects of life.


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