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Mrs. Jones Experience. It’s already in the name, an experience. At Mrs. Jones the experience is our focus point. Why? By truly being present in the experience, you can fully enjoy the moment. You can lose track of time, and let go off the stress you take with you. At Mrs. Jones it’s about you.

Would you like to escape your everyday? Would you like to take a plunge in a world of tenderness? To be touched by loving hands?

Mrs. Jones offers you the unique opportunity to fully enjoy the moment. Our high class ladies are specially trained to awaken the finest of pleasure with you. This is not a trick, not an act, it’s a meeting with passion. It might sound a bit over the top, but this is how it works. Being together could be a game, a pleasurable way of killing time, a way of making money, a way to stop thinking just for a minute; but it’s not real. The game is just superficial, the memory will not last.

Mrs. Jones goes beyond that, far beyond. We arouse feelings of warmth hand trust, but that’s not a point we can reach within minutes. This is why at Mrs. Jones we take the time for the dates. It’s not a ‘quickie’, but a meeting that will last. Only by getting to know each other, trust will develop. Through trust there is an access to the world of relaxation and excitement at the same time.

 How do we get there with Mrs. Jones? With our ladies there is always a genuine attention. Our ladies work from passion, and you as customer will notice that. You will be caressed with attention and touch. Nothing is a must, you can completely rely on their good care. Just for a moment you won’t have responsibilities knocking at your door, no control. Just let it be, and let Mrs. Jones take care of you.

The Jones ladies are specially selected. Whoever doesn’t have this ‘warm feeling’ in its personality, doesn’t work for Mrs. Jones. The selected high class ladies  are then trained at the Mrs. Jones Academy. Etiquettes, massages, personal hygiene and Tantra. Next to that we offer guidance to our ladies as well. We take special care that our ladies feel great, so they can do a great “job”.

At Mrs. Jones nobody is left on their own. Our investments pay off in loving ladies who have pleasure in their work. Who dares to enter our world? 


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