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You're looking for intimacy, but you're not in a relationship. You're critical , and you don't want just any girl ‘from the bar'; so how do you find this intimacy?

High class escort Mrs. Jones Experience has beautiful escort ladies ready for you.

The current generation is getting more and more critical when it comes to intimacy. We don't want difficult relationships when sexual attraction dies too soon. You're in the middle of your life, you know exactly what you want, when and how you want it. You're a lawyer, expat, entrepreneur or manager of a large company and your part of the 24-hours economy.

Every now and then you have to relax to take away all the stress. How? With Mrs. Jones Experience you can book a high class escort for a few hours, an evening, a night or even a weekend. The lady of your dreams, your temporary girlfriend who gives you a girlfriend experience. Mrs. Jones is the high class escort bureau who makes your sexual dreams come true.

Our Jones ladies: for an overview of all our beautiful high class escort ladies, all have their unique features and talents, but intimacy is always a keyword with our ladies. Intimacy is important, we all need it. Without intimacy life is purposeless. When you're looking for intimacy without love, and not looking for a relationship, a high class escort lady, or call girl, is a good option. No obligations, just enjoyment.

Interested? Call or mail Mrs. Jones today for more information. Within two hours Mrs. Jones will get in contact with you. Want to make a direct reservation? You can!  


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If you have questions of any kind, or you want to make a reservation just call or app us!   +316 333 894 00

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