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Would you like a private welcome by a beautiful escort who gives you goose bumps? An erotic meeting with a high class escort. Welcome to Mrs. Jones Experience.

During the orgasm all the muscles tense and often you experience goose bumps over your body. Your body is tingling and feels the orgasm coming. Goose bumps over your whole body, in a positive sense. During the orgasm there is a lot happening with your body. Would you like to experience this today? Then read on..

You’re looking for a nice lady for a fun and relaxed evening. A dinner date with a women who does listen to your stories, enjoying a nice glass of wine with a beautiful lady.

After dinner you’ll go to your hotel room. Just imagine; a classy lady, completely your type. She slowly undresses for you, so she’s just in her beautiful underwear. You run a bath, put on some lounge music, she comes up to you and kisses you, goose bumps…

You help the lady with taking of her bra and panties. She’s so beautiful.

She kisses you in your neck and undresses you. You both get in the bath. The escort lady of Mrs. Jones washes you and kisses you on the mouth.

She sits on you in the bath. You feel her breast press against you, again goose bumps.

After the bath the escort lady drags you to bed.

She gets the massage oil, lovely warm oil. She puts so much over your body, everything is wet again. She glides her body over yours, and teases you by gently using her nails. Her breast again are pressed against you, body to body. Goose bumps everywhere.

She gets a condom from her pers. You make love like you’ve never done before. It’s not an experience  anymore, but a flow. You lose all sense of time and place.

A relaxed night? No this is a night filled with passion and an ultimate experience.

The escort ladies of Mrs. Jones let you experience it all. Goose bumps is the loveliest what there is. Get in contact with us today, Mrs. Jones gets in touch with you within two hours. 

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