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Butterflies in your stomach with the Girlfriend Experience of Mrs. Jones Experience, High Class Escort.


Everybody who is engaged in a long relationship probably got bored at one point of the routine. It feels like living together with your brother or sister. Your wife, which you used to be so in love with, who used to light up the room when entering, is now sat down on the couch in her pyjama’s. Every time you are looking for some attention she turns you down. Tired, headache or her favourite TV program is on the telly. The Girlfriend Experience, or the GFE, is long gone.


Yet, you want more. You want to feel desired, you want to be the man who’s presence makes every woman blush. Luckily, Mrs. Jones Experience has the solution for you. The high class escort ladies of Mrs. Jones offer you, for as long as you want, a Girlfriend experience (GFE). A high class companion of Mrs. Jones Experience will let you feel desired again.  

So what is the Girlfriend Experience (FGE)? A Girlfriend Experience always starts off with a dinner date. You go out together with one of the high class escorts of Mrs. Jones for a nice dinner while you get to know each other a bit more. During the dinner you’ll feel the tension build, her hand on you hand… and do you now really feel her foot, in her high heel, slowly stroking your leg?


After the dinner you retreat to the hotel room together. For the ultimate Girlfriend Experience the hotel room includes a bath or sauna. The champagne is ready for you to cheer to a great night. The high class escort of Mrs. Jones slowly walk up to you. She holds you and kisses your mouth. You open your mouth a bit and you French kiss. All your senses are heightened when the high class escort slowly undresses you. You get in the bath together.


The warm water relaxes you even more. The next phase of the Girlfriend Experience starts after the bath, an amazing erotic, or trantra massage. The tension keeps building up. You feel her soft hands with warm oil gliding over your skin.

During the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) everything is about you, fulfilling all your needs. How the night will end is in your hands. You’ll feel as if you’re in a different world when you go into the flow. The high class escort of Mrs. Jones will fulfil all your needs, during the Girlfriend Experience, that won’t be fulfilled at home.

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