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Girl Next Door. The most requested type escort lady at Mrs. Jones Experience.

Mrs. Jones gets daily requests for a girl next door. After we ask on what the client is really looking for, it often boils down to the classic neighbour girl. A nice and spontaneous lady who could just as well be the girl next door. Not a model, but just a lady with a fresh and open to new contact, sweet spontaneous and a little bit innocent. Men often find these ‘girl next door’ type very attractive. These are usually unavailable, or require a lot of persuasion. Men are born hunters and love women who are hard to get.

But why are so many men looking for the girl next door?

Men are often looking for a woman who could be their girlfriend. No look-a-like playboy model but the type of “next door” or the pretty “schoolgirl”. You don’t have a preference for sexual experience, a so called GFE or Girlfriend experience. Making love to an escort lady as if it is your girlfriend, a true experience. This is often what you get with a Girl Next Door.

Mrs Jones offers you an unique Girlfriend Experience, really something you have to experience at least once in your life.

Where to find this girl next door that offers you the ultimate GFE? Call or mail Mrs. Jones today and we can make your dreams come true. Mrs. Jones Experience has multiple ‘girls next door’. Whatever you choose for in a woman, the escort ladies of Mrs. Jones will make your fantasies become reality.

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