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Does the G-spot really exist? What women want…. Mrs. Jones explains:

The G-spot is a spot in the vagina, which swells up when she’s aroused. Extra stimulation of this G-spot will lead to a faster and more intense orgasm for the woman. The g-spot is not clearly marked off of the rest of the vagina, and therefore hard to point out. This is also the reason why a lot of women cannot find their own G-spot. Mrs. Jones will describe what is known about the G-spot.

Where does the name G-spot stand for? Mrs. Jones gives answers to all your g-spot questions.

The G-spot: What, how, where and why?

The G-spot got its name from Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, who discovered this pleasure spot. The G-spot is only a few square centimeters, and is located at the inside of the vagina about three to five centimeters from the entrance. The G-spot is a sponge-like, ribbed part of tissue that fills itself up with moist when the female is sexually aroused.

Stimulation of the G-spot can help the woman to have an intense and longer orgasm. In general is a orgasm by stimulation of the G-spot more intense, this is because the built-up will spread itself through the whole body and gives a deeper intense aroused feeling which results in a more intense orgasm. Women that have experience with this form of orgasm are always very enthusiastic about this.

Some scientists believe that the G-spot an extension is of the clitoris. The G-spot would, in this case, be a part of the clitoris. Other scientists think that the G-spot is actually the female prostate. This is the organ that is involved with the male ejaculation. It procures the moist that will mix with the sperm cells. With females the G-spot produces a similar moist. This is why some females after stimulation of the G-spot can ejaculate. Would you, as man, like to explore and obtain the knowledge of this mysterious spot that’s called the g-spot? Book one of the ladies at Mrs. Jones Experience and let the escort lady take you on the ultimate exploration to the G-spot.

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