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The Flow Experience

Want to make your booking at Mrs. Jones Experience truly unique? You can upgrade your booking to ‘The Flow Experience’.

At Mrs. Jones everything is about the experience, because ‘Life is an Experience’. The Flow is the highest level of experience. Upon entering this level, you’re taken away to a different world, where you’ll lose all sense of place and time.

Do you want the best for yourself? Upgrade your Experience booking to a Flow Experience.

With the Flow Experience we’ll try to get you to a place of total relaxation. You’ll be aware of every loving touch of our ladies, which intensifies your experience. The ultimate experience! What can you expect to happen during a Flow Experience?


The first step to complete relaxation is a nice shower. The high class escort of your choice will give you a total body scrub with a sensual touch. You’ll notice the stress diminish as it slowly gets steamier.


After the body scrub massage, your Jones Lady will ask you to take place on a chair near or in the bathroom. To get towards that relaxed blissful state she’ll give you a professional facial shaving, including facial massage. Just experience how relaxing it is to be pampered by a beautiful woman. You’ll feel reborn.

Tantra Massage:

To completely surrender to the Flow Experience, the grand finally will be a professional tantra massage. The Jones Lady will let you experience how it feels to enjoy the moment. You’ll be present in a different type of world: the warm oil on your skin and the hands of Mrs. Jones that glide over it. It’s up to you how to end your massage, erotic or not, but one thing is certain: after experiencing the Flow Experience you never want it different.

An upgrade to the Flow Experience costs €150.00

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