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Erotic Tantra Massage

A Tantric massage is not only a sensual game which stimulates all erogenous zones. It is a continuous alternation of increasing and decreasing sexual energy.

Our tantric ladies and gentlemen (Gigolos) "read" your body and guide you through this rollercoaster of incentives and relaxation. Often the term "tantra" is used as it is an erotic massage. However, there are few masseurs who truly master the art of tantra. Here goes much training and years of experience. Our Tantra specialists truly master these arts and would like to guide you into the world of TANTRA

Women who experience a tantric massage learn how they can get a full body orgasm or uterine orgasm.Men who experience a tantric massage completely lose the sense of time and location. A unique experience that only a specialist with many years of training can give you.

When having a Tantra massage your can have a vaginal, cervical, penis or anal dearmouring. This is about releasing tensions and blockages and this will highly increase pleasurable sensitivity. You will experience deeper and more blissful orgasms. 

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