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Mrs. Jones Bisexual Experience

For women curious about how it is to have sex with another woman or women that would occasionally like to have a date with a woman. 

Bisexual service of Mrs. Jones is a service for women fantasizing about making love to an attractive woman. Do you like an idea of a beautiful woman with soft skin touching your breasts, your nipples slowly getting hard? Her sweet tong tentatively touching your lips? Mrs. Jones now offers you the opportunity to discover your bisexual side.

Would you like to treat yourself with an unforgettable experience, explore any wants, needs or desires that you may have? Mrs. Jones offers women the opportunity to hire a high class escort who is available for a bisexual experience. 

You may also consider bisexual tantric experience. All our tantric ladies are bisexual and love to make love to another woman. Tantra escorts are very open minded and will always start with a relaxing tantric massage. Your pleasure is the focus of the date. Our Jones know exactly how they can open new dimensions, and you can deliver a spectacular and intense orgasm. Tantric escorts do not work with a peak orgasm, but can give you a full body orgasm or cervical orgasm. Unique experience that allows you to completely lose the sense of time and location.


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