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Mrs. Jones Experience A-Level

Anal sex, also known as A-level or Greek sex is something that you need to do together, many women find anal sex not a matter of course. Anal sex lovers often find it exciting, a bit sneaky and mischievous. Anal sex is very popular these days among young people who like to experiment.


Would you like to try anal sex with a woman, maybe for the first time? Are you single or has your wife or girlfriend no need to experiment with this? Do you want that your imaginations becomes reality? Then Mrs. Jones is your solution. We have several ladies who love anal sex, to give or receive.

Women who want to experiment with this can use our Tantra Gigolos.They are completely specialized in giving anal sex to women who want to try it. They use special tantric techniques to ‘open’ yourself. In this way you can really enjoy anal sex.


Many of our tantric escorts can bring a strapon dildo on request. A strapon is a dildo that our Jones lady’s can put on. In this way roles are reverced and it is possible for our lady’s to fuck you.

Prostate massage

A tantric massage is a way to stimulate the male G-spot, also known as a prostate massage. Many men find it very pleasing when their prostate is stimulated while being satisfied orally. At Mrs. Jones we call this a "special treatment"

Below are listed the ladies who love anal sex. Our high class escorts and tantra specialists who are open to this experts in this field and will give you an unforgettable anal experience.

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