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Are you looking for an escort bureau with an expat service? Mrs. Jones offers an unique expat concept, our special deal for expats who are looking for erotic company.

Mrs. Jones has an escort service for expats who are looking for erotic companionship, an unique concept from Mrs. Jones.

An expat is someone who immigrate to the Netherlands for a while. Expats usually enjoyed a good education and have a good job with a stable income. Expats work for international companies such as Unilever, Imtech, ING, Philips etc. The Netherlands is a thriving country and has many fiscal benefits. Next to that, the Netherlands has also the most beautiful women.


As expat who is temporarily in the Netherlands for your job, you can sometimes be too busy to meet that one sexy girl for the night. It’s too much trouble to go to the bar in the evening, and even if you do you end up going home alone. Mrs. Jones offers you the solution! For the lonely nights or to fill up your weekend with exciting erotic contact. Or maybe you’re looking for a dinner date with a high class escort lady. Mrs. Jones has an unique concept, where the escort meets you either in your hotel or your apartment. You can give up the location to your liking. Would you like to go to a restaurant, casino, or a day at the sauna? The escort lady will be at your side, turning a nice date into a hot and steamy night. The night will go from an experience into a flow.

Often you have many business diners, or drinks, that never seem to end.  With a beautiful date of Mrs. Jones experience the usual boring night will turn into an adventure. The escort doesn’t fall out of place, she knows her etiquette, nobody will notice that she’s an escort, but everybody will be jealous  of you having such a beautiful date. Your business diner will have an even better ending with an exciting night with the escort.

Would you like to experience the expat service of Mrs. Jones, or would you like to order an expat service for your employees (expats)? Call or mail Mrs. Jones experience so we can discuss your wishes. We will handle your order with discretion.


That’s Mrs. Jones experience, welcome. 

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