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Deeper Orgasms

A huge difference between escort dates and Tantric dates is that with the latter there are no aims towards a peak orgasm. It is not simply about an ejaculation for a man, or a clitoral or vaginal orgasm for a woman. Concerning more than just passing the finish line, Tantric Sex teaches you to circulate the sensual energy through your body. An experience that is so profound that for several days after, you can still feel the 'afterglow' hanging around your aura.

Beyond the peak orgasm

Perhaps this may come as a shock to you. No peak orgasm? Absurd as it sounds, we would never say this without any reason. It goes like this; as long as we continue to have barriers in our bodies, we will never be able to fully release our energy. Normally speaking, our sexual energy is build only around our sexual organs and because this energy is so centered on these zones, we will do whatever  it takes to pop the lid and reduce the pressure. Men do this through ejaculating, women through vaginal or clitoral orgasms. Doing this helps takes off the edge, no doubt. But for those who can go beyond just scratching the itch, are in for a much bigger treat.

Deeper Orgasms

If we learn to allow the sexual energy to permeate throughout the body, more zones in the body can become sensitive and thereby become stimulated sensually too. Depending on how relaxed you become, you can experience a different kind of orgasm, one that is much longer and deeper. On orgasm on a different frequency, like a soothing hum. Take for example how a man can experience anal or full-body orgasms. Women on the other hand are far luckier and can feel even more types of orgasms besides the one just mentioned. Have you ever heard of valley-orgasms, uterine orgasm, cervical orgasms? These are just some of the many types of orgasms a woman can have.

Ecstatic relaxation

We cannot force ourselves into a deep state of ecstatic relaxation, but we can definitely work towards it. By not caring about what is needed or what must be done and instead to just relax the mind is a great way to begin. Another great way to start is by a tantric massage. You can really begin to feel all the barriers collapsing away as you immerse yourself in a physically and mentally calming tantra massage. As we delve deeper and deeper into the relaxing stages, you can reach an almost trance-like state, where a free flow of energy can exist and permeate throughout the body. It is definitely worth a try

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