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Are you looking for a brunette escort lady? Mrs. Jones Experience helps you with your search.

Brunettes… Just as Mrs. Jones, as men, we never get tired of them! Mrs. Jones Experienced is run by both a blonde and a brunette, both with their own individual character. Or how we like to say it: The best of both worlds. Men experience sex with a brunette as a fantasy that becomes reality. Our high class escort ladies with dark, brown hair are the most booked at Mrs. Jones.

Blondes are not as popular as you might think. A lot of men want to book an escort with dark hair, a brunette. Sex with a brunette is experienced as a fantasy coming true. Brunettes in the high class escort service Mrs. Jones Experience are booked the most.

Men who are looking for an escort tend to choose for a brunette (48 percent), on the other hand there are only 1 in 4 men who will choose a blonde. 27 percent of men don’t have a preference.

The respondents tend to think of brunettes as more attractive, intellectual and wiser than blondes. According to men brunettes take better care of their appearance, can better cook and keep the house more clean.

Why do so many men choose for a lady with brown hair?

Men are of the opinion that brunettes experiment more in the bedroom. Men find brunettes to be better in bed than women with a different hair colour. Brunettes usually are thought of as more professional, and can take better care of their money. A brunette lady is more mysterious than a blonde. A brunette isn’t easily won over.

Are you looking for a brunette escort lady? Would you want an exciting date with one of our beautiful high class escort companion? Mail or call Mrs. Jones, we have many beautiful escort ladies for you to choose from. 

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