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You’re looking for a blonde escort lady, a beautiful blonde. Mrs. Jones Experience has the most beautiful blondes to offer.

Blondes have more fun… Blondes are very populair. They are seen as spontaneous women who enjoy life to the fullest. Next to that men fall for blondes because of their erotic and flirtatious charisma. Research states that blondes get more attention than females with a different hair colour.

Some nice facts about blondes:

1. Blondes have more hairs on their heads than brown haired girls

2. A large part of women want to be blonde and dye their hairs

3. In general men find blondes more attractive

4. Naturally blonde hair becomes more and more rare

Blondes are usually associated with an open and friendly personality who is very willing in bed. In the escort branch there are customers who ask specifically for a brunette, but in the end most of the men do want a blonde escort… Whatever the reason, blondes get more bookings in the escort branch.

Mrs. Jones can confirm this. Every day we get multiple requests for a high class blonde escort lady. Mrs. Jones has very beautiful and intelligent blondes for your ultimate experience.

We as high class escort service bureau know our clients well. We match the perfect blonde to the wishes of our client. Only when our customers are happy, we are satisfied as well. With Mrs. Jones Experience, every customers gets their wildest dreams coming true.

Are you looking for a nice blonde escort? Mrs. Jones has beautiful blondes who want to fulfil your erotic wishes. Call or Mail Mrs. Jones Experience today for an experience of the highest segment. 

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