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You are a woman of the world and curious to sex with another woman. Mrs. Jones Experience introduces the bisexual experience.

Bisexual experience…it’s already in the name. The escort lady of Mrs. Jones don’t only take pleasure in pleasing men, but also women. Women need to be treated softer than men when it comes to eroticism. Mrs. Jones has a high level of empathy, and that’s why we would like to introduce you the type of woman we have in mind.

You are a woman who thinks a lot about life and your relationship. Your life is a routine, your partner works, you work every day. Every day you do the same repetitive work. Life is boring, and you want to turn that around, but how? In bed things don’t get better, your husband doesn’t feel up for it anymore. You notice yourself looking at other women. Actually, you realize, women are much more beautiful and attractive than men. More sensual, softer and sensitive. But what to do with these feelings? Subscribe to bilove? No, that’s too dangerous. Just imagine that you’ll get feelings for her? And what if your partner finds out? Or that the lady at bilove in reality is much less attractive than on pictures?! You don’t want that. No, that’s not an option. You just want sex with a gorgeous bisexual women who can make your first experience an unique one. She has to please you and guide you.

Do you recognize yourself in this persona? Make your first bisexual experience, a unique one. Mrs. Jones selects an escort lady who can turn your fantasies into reality. Intimacy between two women, there is nothing more beautiful than that. Women know what they want, especially when it’s about sex. In bed women are tender and more compassionate than men. Two women who have sex is the ultimate experience that every women should have done at least once. A booking for the bisexual experience can be completely discrete and anonymous, at the moment that works out best for you.

Don’t hesitate any longer and let your fantasies turn into reality. Mrs. Jones takes care of her clients and makes sure everything is as they wish. Together we can make your bisexual desires be fulfilled. Call or mail Mrs. Jones experience for more information: info@mrsjonesexperience.nl

We will handle your request discretely and can get in contact with you at a time that works best for you.

Much love,

Mrs. Jones

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