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BDSM (Tantra) Submissive

Dream of having a submissive women at your feet? Here at Mrs.Jones we have gorgeous women that want to serve to all your wishes. Isn’t it incredibly sexy having a confident and beautiful woman give herself entirely to you? Imagine the feeling that arises when she gives you all of her trust, and you give her anything you can imagine.

Her surrender

In a BDSM­date where you take the lead, you can enjoy this with a woman who loves to be dominated. Many women enjoy succumbing to a man who uses strength, confidence, and passion to get what he wants. In this situation, a woman does not have to think for herself except through her femininity respond to the masculine energy. It can be very arousing for her in this way, a game of trust, thrills and pleasure.

Play the Game

If you are turned on by a little bit of kinky, well, anything can happen during your BDSM date. Perhaps you want someone who is subjugated would do anything to please you. Or perhaps you want to experiment with bondage, roleplay, or a little pain­game. Here, we will match you with a person that best suits your wishes. To play the game of your desires, you do not need an arsenal of toys ready. Many of our ladies are quite prepared themselves with toys and equipments for the BDSM game. The only important thing you need is the right mindset.

Experiment with your domination

Is BDSM something entirely new to you? That should not be a problem at all. During the date with one of the high class escorts from Mrs. Jones there is always room to experiment. This way you can learn to trust your intuitions. Getting feedback is always good for self­improvement and this is something you can always ask your escort about. Every experience is a working progress and with more progress you and her can always take a step further. The ladies (see below) have bountiful experiences as a submitter and are always up for the playful challenge.

Safety First

The person in submission can always declare what the limits are and their limits should always be respected. Safety and respect for the needs of all parties involved is of utmost importance at Mrs. Jones. BDSM and Tantra

Combining BDSM with Tantra works very naturally. The magic of both plays with the idea of polarity. The idea that two opposites attract. This is nothing out of the ordinary but definitely special in it's own way. In the same way it happens between a man and a woman, polarity also happens between one who dominates, and one who submits and obeys. Our tantra femdom escort are experts in terms of amplifying this polarity. Come along for a unique sexual journey. Knowledge or expertise in tantra or BDSM is not necessary.


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