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BDSM (Tantra) Dominant Femdom

Getting your hands tied and surrendering yourself for a night can be quite an experience. If you are looking for ways to fulfill your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies of femdom look no further! For a night of uninterrupted fun, bow down and obey to one of our skillful escort femdom ladies

Surrender yourself

Are you overwhelmed from a busy day and are looking for something to take your mind off it? Then you may have found just the right thing. Right here, the dominant escort ladies from Jones knows how to get into your mind and you onto your knees. Sometimes instantly, other times in subtle successions. Perhaps a few words, a blink of an eye, or a touch could be enough to have you fall victim to her. For a night, you become her slave and it is entirely up to her. Seized by her feminine sensuality, she takes you for a ride. Seductive, daring, and affectionate. It is time for you to pour her a glass to drink.

Anything is possible

Beforehand, we customarily discuss with you your needs and requests. And quite often we can match you with a lady with a suitable personality. You can tell us anything from what you want to experience to what are off­limits. In such a playing field, anything can happen and rules are what makes the game fun.

Want to be dominated, tied up in cuffs or bondage by ropes? As your date brings out the whip she will know exactly what to do with you.

Do you enjoy being dutiful and obeying to all the demands of your new master? Our masters are eager to take control. And if you are good to your master, you might be rewarded well afterwards...


Playing with desires and different sensations can be really exciting. Feel the adrenaline as you endure tickling or burning sensations. Who doesn't like a little bit of pain? While being controlled, the rush you feel over your body, the pain or the joy, indeed makes us all feel more alive.

There are many sorts of pain sensations you may encounter with one of our femdom ladies. The masochists may be into whips and clasps and for others, a light spanking is enough when verbal play prevails. Whatever it may be, the context in play is always very important. The context is the fantasy you want to bring to life and a good role play is essential for making this happen. Furthermore, a good leading actress is also important in roleplaying.

One of the benefits of role­play is the freedom to do whatever you want. There are no social norms or stigmas and you have the freedom to experience without any judgment or shame for your sexual fantasy.

BDSM and Tantra

Combining BDSM with Tantra works very naturally. The magic of both plays with the idea of polarity. The idea that two opposites attract. It is nothing out of the ordinary but definitely special in it's own way. In the same way it happens between a man and a woman, polarity also happens between one who dominates, and one who submits and obeys. Our tantra femdom escort are experts in terms of amplifying the polarity. Can you feel the potential? Or are you just curious of tantric sex? Come along for a unique sexual journey. Knowledge or expertise in tantra or BDSM is not necessary.


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