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Tantra Gigolo

Go for an amazing date with a dependable man who knows how to treat you in just the right way. A man easily make you succumb to your knees with joy. Our Tantra Gigolos are masters of pleasure, making you forget everything about time and place.

A wild date

Not only are our Tantra misters social, intelligent, open-minded and dependable, they are also genuinely compassionate and intuitive. They have taken several courses and adopted a new way of life; the life of Tantra. Many of them have also gone further to work as professional tantra masseurs and bodyworkers. These tantra experts know how to channel their masculine energy and bring forth your feminine potential. During a tantra massage, an immense release of sexual energy occurs and in the moment, like a trance, time and place becomes trivial. Playing with this flow of this energy together, both of you begin to delve deeper into uncharted sensual territories.

Experience this!

Want to experience the magic of Tantra? How about as a trio with your partner? Our Gigolos  from Mrs. Jones will always make sure you feel safe throughout the entire time. You can be completely passive if you like, and just enjoy the ride as he takes you on a pleasant journey. If you have any specific needs, fantasies or desires you would like to fulfill, that is also possible. Just let us know! On the page Experience! you can find our most popular services. For every type of service, you can always have the option to experience this with a skilled Tantra person. In our goodie bag we have tantra men that are down to have a tantra trio with you and your partner or even fulfill Your fantasy.

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